LX Pump Seal Kit (2008 onwards)
LX Pump Seal Kit (2008 onwards)
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Type of product: Water Pump Shaft Seal Kit
Make and model:

LX - JA35, JA50, JA75, JA100, JA120, JA150, JA200, TDA50, TDA75, TDA 150, TDA200, WTC50M, EA320, EA350, EA390, EA450, LP150, LP200, LP250, LP300, WP200-II, WP250-II, WP300-II.


Ceramic and Viton parts must meet to create a spring loaded seal. We suggest that you use a small amount of silicone grease to fix the metal base against the plastic housing. The rubber washer makes the other parts water tight against the plastic housing.

Dimensions: Diameter of face: 30mm
Outer Diameter: 40mm
Additional notes:

This will not fit the other LX pumps prior to 2008.

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